Deadwood: DNS Non-recursive Cache

2011-03-26 – 9:14 下午 --- 5,911 次阅读

About Deadwood

Deadwood is the code that will eventually become MaraDNS’ next recursive resolver; right now it is a stable and functioning non-recursive cache. Deadwood, unlike MaraDNS, does not need threads to resolve queries, and has features MaraDNS’ recursive cache doesn’t have, such as “resurrections” and the ability to read and write the cache to disk.

Only 34.3k ,it can write DNS items to the file and load on next start.Easy to config.(Default config can work well like a charm.)

My config example:

# Forward Servers we connect to


#In order to enable DNS-over-TCP, this variable must be set and have a value of 1.

tcp_listen = 1

# The IP this program has

bind_address = “”

# The IPs allowed to connect and use the cache

recursive_acl = “”

# The file containing a hard-to-guess secret

random_seed_file = “secret.txt”

# This is the file Deadwood uses to read the cache to and from disk

cache_file = “dw_cache”




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