Mar 29

CPU 概况:

PHICOMM N1: Amlogic S905,ARM Cortex-A53,64位 四核 2GHz(实际运行在 1.5GHz)

fp asimd evtstrm aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32 cpuid

Raspiberry 3B: BCM2837, ARM Cortex-A53, 64 位 四核 1.2GHz

half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm crc32

Asus RT-AC68P:BCM4709A0, ARMCortex-A9, 双核 1GHz

swp half thumb fastmult edsp

测试方法,运行 shadowsocks-libev 自带 script/ 500M chacha20-ietf-poly1305/aes-128-gcm。



chacha20-ietf-poly1305 | 470 Mbits/sec;aes-128-gcm | 144Mbits/sec

Raspiberry 3B:

chacha20-ietf-poly1305 | 240 Mbits/sec;aes-128-gcm | 85Mbits/sec

Asus RT-AC68P:

chacha20-ietf-poly1305 | 140 Mbits/sec;aes-128-gcm | 70Mbits/sec

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

新增 go-shadowsocks2 数据:

Asus RT-AC68P:

chacha20-ietf-poly1305 | 78 Mbits/sec;aes-128-gcm | 35Mbits/sec


chacha20-ietf-poly1305 | 274 Mbits/sec;aes-128-gcm | 750Mbits/sec

发现没, N1 的 aes-128-gcm 数据很夸张?扩展阅读:

AES GCM really use of AES-NI extension on supported machine?
Use libsodium for `aes-256-gcm` when available
AES-128/192-GCM has no AES-NI support?
AES is much slower than OpenSSL with AESNI enabled